Bio: My name is Kelly White and I am an Interior decorator and soft furnishings specialist. I function under the pen name of Elsie Wolfe. I have over 20 years experience in the soft furnishings industry where I have amassed a wealth of information. I have taken to writing a blog to share my opinions, likes and knowledge about the trade / industry. As well as show examples of other great designers big, small old and new out there. I hope you enjoy the blog.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. hello Elsie,
    I work for the Haddow group and they have designed a beautiful range of upholstery, curtain fabric (printed in UK} and woven too, also curtain poles and tie backs, we have been featured in a few magazines and wondered if you want to showcase our ranges too


    • Hi. That sounds great. Would you just like me to look at your newest pieces or would you like me to do a Past, present and future piece as I did with Harlequin? Kind Regards E. Wolfe


    • Hi. I have been delving into the link that you sent me. Thank you for that. As well as the Haddow Group site. Most interesting. Obviously my main focus is on the interiors. Am I to assume that you want my only focus to be on Olivia Bard début? Or for Olivia Bard to be a primary focus within the Haddow interiors division as a whole ? Kind Regards E.Wolfe


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