Deadly Designs

Hi all, 

All Hallows eve is upon us so I thought I would get into the spirit of things and look at what our ghosts, ghouls and vampires had on offer for us as far has interior design was concerned.

Have fun and enjoy.


Deadly Design

Believe it or not this blog was quite hard to research, purely because most supernatural programs and films depend heavily on pure location. What I mean is , run down buildings, wood work, architecture as supposed to actual interior decoration. I did however find some and boy do I love them.


Production designer Suzuki Ingerslev

True Blood

Bill (the vampire) Compton’s office.


This was the easy one. Bill (the vampire) Compton’s office. This is not from the first series. Originally the office was run down, but it got a re-vamp along with Bill’s new position in the vampire hierarchy. And boy has Bill got taste. The room oozes sensual male sophistication, enough to get your teeth into.

Bill Compton's office, above, has a desk from Eric Brand Furniture, leather desk chair from Alan Desk, Daytona armchairs in faux crocodile upholstery from 22 Bond St., a glass and chrome side table

Only the best will do for this vampire boss. Bill Compton’s office, above, has a desk from Eric Brand Furniture, leather desk chair from Alan Desk, Daytona armchairs in faux crocodile upholstery from 22 Bond St., a glass and chrome side table.

The curtains are very simple heading in a plain colour with braiding about a third up in rows to make it pop!. I would use the following to re create this look.


This Miami braid is by Wemyss Houles and comes in many colours including black.

Valleta Vanilla

Great double width fabric by Villa Nova, Valleta Vanilla. definitely interline this bad boy for added luxury. Put into a wave or inverted double pleat heading.

Troia-Ebony Byron&byron

Troia-Ebony Byron&byron

T7676Thibaut Damask Resource Volume 3 Antoine Trellis Silver on Charcoal - T-7676 ( T7676 ) Pattern

T7676Thibaut Damask Resource Volume 3 Antoine Trellis Silver on Charcoal – T-7676 ( T7676 ) Pattern. This is not the exact wallpaper in the office but it will work.

74824_thSacala wallpaper rococo

I also found this wallpaper that is beautiful. Ulf Moritz, Scala Rococo.

American Horror Story

Set Designer Ellen Brill

American Horror Story

From the coven mansion. White on white elegance. With dark wood accent banister.

Spooky horror is always fun. To be honest I get frightened silly watching it but I keep going back for more.


Beautiful chandelier


Naomi @ Uber Interiors helped me find this one, hats off to them. Thanks.

61B44-91pRLExpo International 10Yard Kylie Classic Tassel Fringe Trim, Gold

61B44-91pRLExpo International 10Yard Kylie Classic Tassel Fringe Trim, Gold. /


ZIMMER + ROHDE Symphony.


Production designer Patti Podesta and set decorator Jaro Dick


Hannibal Lecter’s Office


Production designer Patti Podesta and set decorator Jaro Dick to bring Lecter’s deadly lairs to life. The aim was to create  a Danish Modern feel which also oozed sophistication. I think they managed that in truck loads!  He obviously has the best taste. Hannibal’s desk is an original Leif Jacobsen design. The grey therapy chairs were ordered new from Urban Barn in Toronto, and the side tables are Eileen Gray classics.  And I just can’t get over the tongue in cheek Red and white surgeon pole curtains! You can find many images on the net showing similar, but I am afraid the only way for creating this on the scale shown, is by using two different coloured fabrics, (ideally with the same fibre composition) and joining them. It is hard to see but they look like tabs. Therefore a tab curtain this tall would be dress only.


Voile = A lovely metallic look, there are several on the market by Harlequin, Ulf Moritz and Voyage to mention but a few.

The closest wallpapers I could source based on the photo are as follows…..



& Torino Plain Charcoal Silver Glitter Textured Wallpaper by Fine Decor Torino Plain Charcoal Silver Glitter Textured Wallpaper by Fine Decor FD40237


The rug I believe is an antique (as are quite a few items around the room).


element7 also do a great one.

Once Upon A Time

Set designer Mark Lane

Regina, the evil queen’s Office


All the naughty people have the best designs. We love the bad guys, they have sensuality coming out of every pore, so their surroundings have to reflect that. We love danger, it’s eroticism attracts us like a moth to a flame. The evil ones effect everything they touch so why not their most intimate of rooms. It is also no great shock that this room tends to be their office, their war room as it were. The place they plan and scheme is the one that defines them the most.



Seabrook is similar – Pattern ID SBK1 4258.


download cole and son woods

Woods by Cole & Son.

Exclusive interiorsBlack Oval Back Chrome Frame Dining Chair (H93 x W49 x D54cm)

Exclusive interiors Black Oval Back Chrome Frame Dining Chair (H93 x W49 x D54cm).

update-your-office-with-a-new-desk.JPG-550x0A statement-making desk, like this one by Jennifer Pacca interiors, is the centerpiece of any home office

Desk by Jennifer Pacca interiors,

Looking at the image, the tie backs are manufactured ones. They are made in a similar way that a “scrunchy” hair band is made with a longer tube of fabric than the cord on the inside.

prodzoomimg19714www.lights4living.com600 × 455Search by image

The chandelier is proving to be illusive, the budget was huge for this room so it would not surprise me if the one on set was custom made. The one above is a lovely alternative and more suited to most room sizes.

leather Casino chair from Global Views

leather Casino chair from Global Views. This is a lovely alternative to the chairs used.

The sofa is aprox $18000 on the set, I have found a great alt easy to customize by Christopher Guy called Saskia. unfortunately they have protected the image so I am unable to show it on the blog, but you can follow the link.


gig2H.R. Giger Bar - The Xanadu Group

Giger Bar – The Xanadu Group


Not exactly an interior as we know it but I love the film and the artist. Just could not help myself being a huge fan of the man’s unusual work. Obviously, unless you have the cash to hire the great man personally you would be very lucky to re create a room in homage to him and his creation.

The themed bars modelled by the Swiss artist H. R. Giger. There are three Giger Bars: the first, the H.R. Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland, which opened in 1992, and the second is The Museum HR Giger Bar, located in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland, which opened on April 12, 2003. A third Giger bar was located in Shirokanedai, Tokyo in the late 1980s.



This last one is just cos I have a penchant for vampire films in general, and lets face it they always have the best of everything. Their style nearly always has velvets, damasks and lots of carved wood. These immortal beings love the old excesses. Don’t we all. More is definitely more for these creatures of the night, from Interview with a vampire to Dracula himself, old luxury wins out every time.


Interview With A vampire


Bram Stokers Dracula


The Dracula Castle in Romania

I hope you have enjoyed Curtain Girl’s Halloween blog? It has been a huge challenge but enormous fun.

Happy Halloween and thank you for reading,


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Pattern Perfect

Hello All,

I recently received a message from a reader concerning pattern matching and curtain headings. This I feel is a valid point and one worth investigating. Thank you in advance to Jane Fiddian of Fiddian Interiors for inspiring this blog

Hope you enjoy the read…….

Pattern Perfect

When selecting a fabric many things are taken into consideration.

  • Colour
  • Coordination
  • Texture
  • Drape
  • Suitability
  • Pattern

Pattern is only one of the many choices made when selecting a fabric. Whether that be for curtains, cushions, bedspreads, blinds, pelmets or headboards.


The English Curtain Company

When a pattern is picked THINK!

If working with Goblet Pleats for example will the pattern land on the goblets ?                                   Can the heading be altered so that the pattern will fit on the goblets ?

This needs to be worked out BEFORE the fabric is confirmed.

The pattern spacings need to be measured width ways and married up to the pleats mathematically. It can be fiddly but you should be aware before you proceed, even before fabric is ordered. Most fabric companies are very accommodating in providing the necessary information for you to work this out.


A client should be aware if the pattern cannot be married up with the pleats, pinch, goblet, box, whatever the heading. This will fundamentally effect the look of the end product.


If a pattern match on a heading is not achievable (as sometimes is the case) there are alternative options available.


Here the button nicely draws your eye away from the fact that, the same part of the pattern cannot land on the goblet every time.


♦A contrast top border eliminates the problem and can enhance a design. Even though you can’t see it in this photo clearly, I lined the pattern up on the blind with the curtains. These little details are the reasons why people go to interior designers.

♦You or your client can just simply live with the random landing of the pattern or change the fabric.

♦Sometimes you can set the pattern down so that the most distinctive section is below the pleat level,     therefore drawing your eye away from the random section of pattern that lands on the pleat. (In the same way the buttons above does)



This Harlequin fabric is beautiful, but things must be considered before it is selected. It has an off set pattern which needs considering. (The pattern is different on the left selvedge than the right)

♦Can it be lined up ? (By trimming the fabric)

♦Which part of the pattern do you want at the top, or central in the case of a pelmet.

♦Do we centralise the pattern on romans in a bay or does the pattern follow on from blind to blind?

10580161_922334231150883_2620173325494605798_nLJ curtains

This pattern is centralised so therefore is less of an issue.

Pelmets and Blinds can be tricky items

Thimbles and Threads

Excellently executed pelmet to blind pattern by Thimbles & Threads

Consider the following with a patterned fabric

  • Position of pattern at top (the section always on view with a blind).
  • How much you see of the pattern on the depth of the pelmet or on the top panel when a blind is open.
  • Where the stitching hits the pattern (on a blind)
  • What section of the pattern hits the sides and is cut off.
  • On a pelmet, bay or row of blinds do you centralise the pattern on the blind, on the width.
  • On a pelmet, bay or row of blinds does the pattern continue from one blind onto the next.
  • Does the continuation of the pattern effect the position of the joins on the blind(s) or pelmet(s).

I know it is mind boggling what a designer thinks of before and whilst designing an item for a client. They are questions that become a natural mental check list after a while.


Once you have decided and are happy with the pattern position. You then need to consider how other items may be effected.

I prefer to follow a pattern on from a pelmet. I also like to have continuation on position of pattern as previously shown.


Harlequin Fabric

When you follow a pattern on from the pelmet to a blind be aware that, depending on how tall you are there is a slight fluctuation of the pattern lining up. Realistically you can only line it up with a direct eye level, then live with the variance. I also do the same with curtains under pelmets where the same pattern is used.

You must remember to factor in the depth of the pelmet, track, spacers etc, when making your calculations on where to start the pattern on the top of the blind or curtains. This way the correct part of the pattern appears at the right point past the base of the pelmet.


Stripes are a lovely, eye-catching defined pattern. Positioning needs to still be considered. Or can you turn the fabric ?

Standard roman with pelmet

Prestigious Fabric

There is also the interesting situation of lining the pattern up on a cascade Roman blind. It is fantastic when a designer / manufacturer, takes the additional time to marry the pattern up when the blind is in the up position. This is the sign of a true crafts person.

Jules Austin-Leppington The English Rooms.

Perfect example of a pattern matched, cascade blind by Jules Austin-Leppington at English Rooms Interiors in Stone, Cheshire, England.

Pattern Run Out

For those that do not know. When a pattern runs out it means it is not positioned squarely on the cloth. Sometimes you can see it straight away and sometimes a run out only becomes apparent when you start to make the item required. Some subtle run outs can be adjusted so you do not notice them. However some cannot be hidden. It is at this point you contact your client, and make them aware of the problem and how this will effect the look of the product. In some cases the manufacturer of the fabric needs contacting to be made aware of the problem. Discussions can then occur on how it can be resolved. New Fabric? Extra Fabric?

When a check pattern runs out it is always obvious! Pre-emption of this fact can be dealt with when selecting a check. I would recommend making the client aware of the potential issues.


Found on Pintrest

This is a great use of a pattern to create the shape of the pelmet. I have seen and created this effect quite a number of times. It always looks amazing.


The final point I would like to make is that all the above is a pointless exercise if your JOINS are bad. This is where a skilled seamstress / upholsterer comes into their own. The idea is to match up the pattern on the edges of the cloth in such a way, that when sewn, the item assembled comes as close as it can be to “SEAMLESS”. 

I will with my lovely friends at BITA Trade Forum on Facebook demonstrate this through a gallery of examples.


Charl Oberholster on Facebook

Embroideries cause an added problem when pattern matching. Some are hand loomed, therefore the pattern is not a perfect match. With some embroideries the pattern goes into the selvedge, giving you nothing to sew with. At this point you can sometimes move in a repeat on the width, but you can lose a lot of fabric and need to order extra. These designers have done a great job with hard fabrics. Jane Churchil fabric



Curtains Bespoke Ipswich. On Facebook

Upholstery comes with a whole host of issues depending on shape and style. Pulling the fabric over the item and buttoning can distort the pattern making it hard to match up. Then you have all the component parts to marry up. This is before the pattern is right way up at one point then changes direction as it moves across the item!! A good upholsterer takes all this into consideration, before calculating the cloth and starting the job.

upholstery done in Harlyn curtain Fabric in Beige [Curtains & Fabx] --- Email

Upholstery done in Harlyn curtain Fabric in Beige Email

I love it when a designer makes sure this happens in the middle of a curtain on the leading edges.



Pleats and joins looking great here.


Thank you to all who have contributed to this blog edition. Great work by wonderful people, showing the art of pattern matching is alive and well. In some of the photos you struggle to even see the join! 

My hat is off to you all in our trade.

If you want to learn more about “pleating by design” go to where you will find Clive Pennington. Britain’s leading authority on this craft and its process.

Keep up the good work.

Till next time


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Amazing Apexes

Additions made.


Hi Elsie here,

I always get people asking me how to dress their apex windows.



They look great admittedly but they are a bit of a pain to dress.

You are restricted but it all depends on what you need the dressing for. You may not need one at all.

However if the apex is in a bedroom or bathroom……………

Option 1


Curtains are shaped into the apex so therefore the heading is unable to move. You have to open and close the curtains via Italian stringing at the sides.

P1080266-Italian-Stringing-back-side Italian string from the back.

Surprisingly they do not cut off as much light as you would imagine, but be careful which fabric you pick. Avoid bulky and stiff fabrics and go for something that has a good “drape”.                                The drape…

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Get Your Beatwoven

Get Your “Beatwoven®

Hi all, Elsie Wolfe here.

                                                You lot should know by now that I not only have a passion for interior design but I also LOVE Fabric.

There is so much out there. Texture, colour, weave and much more. There is even a magnetic curtain of all things as well as fabric with metal threads in.

Just when I thought I had seen it all. THIS HAPPENED. A very clever woman thought of something that I believe has never been done before; something that I also believe is genius in its simplicity.

Fabric woven to the pattern created by the beat of MUSIC!

download (1)


Cool Tone Fabric 4

 Nadia-Anne Ricketts professional dancer and weaver, in 2008 discovered an arithmetic connection between the patterns that music make and the architecture of woven fabric.


My Tribe Loop

Nadia saw the potential in these patterns and using them to fuse music and pattern creation in fabric together. The fabric woven has a heartbeat of its own much like that of the music used in its creation.

In 2009 a unique piece of software was created to translate sounds and produce those images into woven cloth.



Beatwoven A69

“When travelling and living around the world I experienced how music is a universal language and at the core of every culture. When I hear music I want to react, whether it’s dancing, singing, or smiling. It can unite us, unlock special memories, take us on an emotional journey and most of all, it can motivate us to focus, create and endure. To be able to express the intangible of music, through woven textiles is super special, as it creates tactile music with an added narrative to any interior space;  A woven piano concerto wall hanging in a concert hall for instance, or an Arabic prayer upholstery on a super yacht, or your favourite house track woven and tailored into a garment “. – Nadia-Anne Ricketts, Founder.


Amor La Momoposina

 From the depths of our human history unlike any other creature on the planet we have woven cloth and made music. It resonates with us on a deep psychological level. Music and woven cloth is as unique as we are, it defines who we are.


Zig-zag and criss-cross patterns, nested curves and parallel lines are the earliest known patterns to have been created separately from the body; their similarity to entopic phenomena (involuntary products of the visual system) suggests a physiological origin. (

Music is much the same, it has its deep origins in history and our psyche .When we listen to music our brain releases dopamine (a pleasure drug). makes a comment “when you listen to Bach, what colour do you see?” Colour, music and fabric elicit an emotional response in us so why not combine all three into one pure form?


The Oldest Known Melody c.1400BC! See and hear on Youtube

BeatWoven® have developed bespoke software through collaborative projects in London using developers who have expertise with music and coding.  The latest partnership was with The Centre of Digital Music, and The Legal Research Faculty, Queen Mary University.


Designs are created in the BeatWoven® studio on the edge of London.


Each piece of fabric goes through a journey. A piece of music is selected, a story is told. This creates the digital pattern that is then translated into a woven pattern. The human element is then added back in. The Human Artist decides the scale of the pattern, colour combinations, yarn size and structure. Often a trip back into history is entered into to decide all of this. For example if a piece of Handel music was chosen, the time the composer lived in is looked at to determine the colours and textures. This way the essence of the original piece of music is retained.



Clients can even commission a piece of fabric using their favourite song!!



All Production is based in the UK at one of the last remaining English Silk Weaving Mills, using exclusively sourced materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship. Although innovative, the value of maintaining British heritage and tradition of woven expertise is particularly important to BeatWoven®. (

Everything is finished by hand.

decorex-2015-news-london-design-festival-2015-c beatwoven

Image taken from Decorex


I hope you have enjoyed looking at Beatwoven®. It is a marvellous concept and beautiful design.   The colour, texture and emotion imbedded into this product is nothing short of astounding. Genius!

Go to to see and hear more?

Thanks for reading,


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How To Hang Curtains Properly (in my opinion)

Time and time again it is asked how to properly hang a set of curtains. So much of this is about personal aesthetics, how you have been trained and fashion of the time. This blog contains my experiences of the way I do it.


Hi all. E.D.Wolfe here signing in.

What I have to say next is purely my opinion and I do not want to offend those who do what I consider to be BIG curtain no no’s .

May I also add that personal aesthetics play a big part in this and one persons mess is another persons “pièce de resistance” . So at the risk of offending her we go.


1. Pinch pleat pushovers.

Time and time again I see these lovely headed curtains hung disastrously wrong.

Curtains hung incorrectly. Pinch pleat Curtains hung incorrectly.

Pinch pleat curtains hung correctly. Pinch pleat curtains hung correctly.

Swaffer Silk

To me it is completely obvious why the first is wrong and the second is correct but let me make it clearer.

The flat section between the pleats is meant to fold under and away so the curtain hangs neatly and pulls off the window well. If the curtain is not…

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The Silk Road

E.D Wolfe

                  Hi all. Silk is probably my most favourite of all the furnishing cloths. Unfortunately it is one of the more costly, tricky to work and live with due to its properties (see blog FABRIC FLARE (the basics)  Published on 3/27/2015).

                   From its texture to its luxurious sheen. Even the silk that doesn’t have a sheen has a drape that I go week at the knees for. 

                   This post is going to explore the application of silk in interiors.

Enjoy the read



This was the original trade route through regions of Asia.


Extending 6,000 kilometres (4,000 miles), the Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk carried out along its length, during the Han dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE).


For more than two thousand years the Chinese kept the secret of silk altogether to themselves. It was the most zealously guarded secret in history. Next to the protection of tea cultivation.

According to well-established Chinese legend, Empress Hsi Ling Shi, wife of Emperor Huang Ti (also called the Yellow Emperor), was the first person to accidentally discover silk as weavable fibre.


One day, when the empress was sipping tea under a mulberry tree, a cocoon fell into her cup and began to unravel. The empress became so enamored with the shimmering threads, she discovered their source, the Bombyx mori silkworm found in the white mulberry. The empress soon developed sericulture, the cultivation of silkworms, and invented the reel and loom. Thus began the history of silk.

Whether or not the legend is accurate, it is certain that the earliest surviving references to silk history and production place it in China; and that for nearly 3 millennia, the Chinese had a global monopoly on silk production.

The major silk producers are still in Asia, accounting for 90 % of mulberry silk and 100 % for non mulberry silk, but also silk is produced in Brazil,Bulgaria, Egypt and Madagascar . The main raw silk producers in the world are China and India, but also Brazil and Thailand have their share of silk production.

If you want to learn more about the history of silk go to .

Silk is a wonderful looking fibre it has its ups and downs.

  • Strong filament.
  • Elastic and resilient.
  • Refracts light, lustrous appearance.
  • Insulates.
  • Easy to die.
  • Watermarks easily.
  • Rots in sunlight.
  • Fades in sunlight.
  • Creases.


This was a raw silk by Swaffer that is sadly now no longer in production.

Curtains By E.D.Wolfe

Interlined and lined, double pleat with contrast leading edge and “pin trim“. (A pin trim is when you insert a piped trim between a leading edge and the main cloth then pull out the cord. Giving you this lovely thin contrast)


As you can see, great for blinds and curtains. It was wonderful to work with. At first glance it looks like a thin linen, but when you touch it, it is wonderfully soft and supple. My workroom made a comment of how fantastic this fabric was to work with.


When working with silk it is strongly recommended that you hand stitch where possible, it makes for a far neater finish especially the hem. Also with interlining being required you would have to hand slip the sides and hems to stop puckering and tension issues.

Why Interline?

Due to silk being a light weight fabric that is also susceptible to fading, interlining is required to add weight to the curtains and blinds and an extra barrier against the sun damage.


   Whiteheads Silk 101

Without interlining the silk would appear thin and limp. And to be honest they look awful in my opinion.

I would never personally recommend silk used in an area that got a lot of sun, eg:- south facing room and or window, conservatory and I would never recommend it was used on upholstery, it would not last five mins. I have seen it used on the odd chair for pure decoration though.

When manufactured correctly they look beautiful and can be used to manufacture many styles, modern and traditional.

When making throws with silk I would line and at least lightweight interline. Do make clients aware that it is a decorative item only,it will not stand up to even medium wear and tear.

You have to really watch manufacturing with silk velvets, they can be very slippery. It takes a highly skilled seamstress to handle this type of cloth.

One of these fabrics is a silk,viscose velvet. It has so much movement you cant make it into blinds and the curtains have to be pooled because it relaxes so much. It is however one of my utmost favourites. Intaglio Collection by James Brindley


Intaglio Cashmere.




Three Designs above by in Stellar by James Brindley

I have even put lining on the back of silk to turn them into cushions for extra strength.

original_lola-silk-cushion-amethyst noton the highstreet

Cushions from


James Hare Silk

They also look great with trims.

Amy O'Riely 1

Curtains Manufactured and Designed by

Unfortunately I would advise against cleaning interlined silk curtains most times the results would be dreadful. They also must be kept out of damp areas such as bathrooms, mould loves silk.

There are several different types of silk and they all vary in appearance, quality and benefits. Some have short filaments and some long strong ones. All are beautiful.

Charmeuse, Chiffon, Crêpe de Chine, Dupion Silk, Fuji Silk, Habotai Silk, Noil Silk (raw silk) and Tussah Silk (or shantung). 

Companies are using silk mixes at the moment to reduce the down sides to silk but keep the luxury. In fact there are quite a few combination fibre fabrics that are very convincing faux silks.


Inedit1 INOUI Casamance

 INOUI by Casamance

 73% VISCOSE, 17% SILK, 10% WOOL

The choice of silk these days is amazing. Printed, plain, embroidered, shiny, shot, matt. There is a silk for every occasion.



Harlequin Fabrics Saphora . Double pleat interlined 3 inch kick onto floor. Master Bedroom


Plain Silk curtains and Pelmet. Designed By Uber Interiors



Curtains Manufactured and Designed by


Great embroidered Voyage silk. I made some great dining room curtains out of this a year back, they looked wonderful.

You sometimes have to watch the embroidered silks. If there is a lot of embroidery on them they tend to have ripples between the stitching. This will not necessarily disappear during manufacturing. It can be a problem when making curtains with a pelmet. You make the pelmet and due to the pulling of the cloth in manufacturing the ripples are smoothed out, however they will have remained in the curtains, thus the same fabric can take on a different appearance textually. (Something clients need to be aware of).

I designed a pelmet curtain combo a few years back. The pelmet was a gradual bow curve. In this case the ripples came in handy because when you curve a pelmet it ripples the fabric. With the ripples already being there, there was no issue.

GP and J Baker silk embroidered curtains and pelmet fully lined and interlined.

GP and J Baker silk embroidered curtains and pelmet fully lined and interlined.

I hope you have enjoyed our brief romance with silk?

Till next time.

Thank you


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Size is everything.


Hi All Elsie here.

OK sizing a curtain or blind.

Straight forward I hear you cry. Well if that is the case why do so many people get it wrong?

I have had clients insist that their measurements were precise only to end up with a useless curtain or blind. Lets focus on curtains.

With a few simple pointers I can help you reduce if no eliminate the possibility for errors.


Obvious, I know but so many people falter at this first step making everything else you do useless.

Fat Max Tape MeasureFat Max Tape Measure


Choose a good sturdy tape measure I find Fat Max to be the best it extends the longest before buckling.

Pick a measurement and stick with it.

Inches at top cm’s at bottom. I always went with inches because I measured big windows so inches were easier to read. If…

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