DIY Rollers

Hello all,

                I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been manic busy, painting murals, designing window treatments and helping clients.                                              Not all of us can afford custom made items (trust me I know that feeling). Cost is not the only reason to buy an “off the shelf” roller blind, timing can also be the reason. if you need something quick, you are going to have to DIY it.                                                                 If one or both of these reasons are pertinent to you then this is the post you need to read.

How To 1

Follow the instructions in the packet.

How To 2

Follow the below instructions for a closer it.

I have found when I have delved into the off shelf roller blind world that they advise to take off a HUGE amount when fitting in a recess.  A roller blind gaps, there is nothing you can do about this, however, we don’t want to make it worse by taking too much off, do we.


Before you cut ANYTHING, measure your window and decide on your blind size. Inside recess or outside. Please see my other posts on measuring for help in this area.


Measure The Brackets. 

Take this size off your blind sizeThis gives you your tube size.


Take the blind apart. Slide the fabric off the tube and pull the weight out of the bottom. The brackets should already be separate.

To get your Fabric size and base weight size=  take off 1/4″ to 1/2″ overall. This is your Fabric Size. 

Before cutting mark everything out using a pencil and tape measure.

Use a good sharp strong hacksaw to cut down the base weight and tube. 

Be aware that blackout blinds tend to have metal tubes as they are heavier. Secure the pole so it doesn’t slip and take your time cutting. Turning the tube is sometimes easier and reduces chance of distorting the tube.


Mark out how much you need to cut off you fabric then join the dots up the length of the fabric to give you a good line to follow. Try to do on the back.


Cut using a good pair of SHARP scissors / sheers. 


Be Careful where the weight goes as it is thicker.

If your blind is plain you can cut the fabric off one side. if there is a pattern you need to divide how much you have to cut off  and cut BOTH SIDES!

Patterned Roller Blind

Sadly off the shelf blinds do not always have a pattern that is centralised, this is why the following in necessary.

  • Pull out your tape measure to the size you need to cut the fabric to.
  • Centralise on the patterned blind.
  • Mark out both sides all the way down the blind.
  • Join the dots down the blind on both sides.
  • CUT.

It is not complicated but it can by fiddly. Just take your time, measure twice and cut once!

Good luck, thank you for reading and I will try not to leave it so long next time.Yours Faithfully

Elsie de Wolfe



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