There’s A New “Bard” In Town

Hi all , E.Wolfe here again.

“Do mine eyes deceive me? ” No Adriana, “ehem” I mean dear reader they do not. There is a new designer making their début in the world of interior soft furnishing with the Haddow Group.              Yes! I know! I am excited too.


We all know the Haddow Group. They are a family run 35 year strong British business with divisions in beauty, nightwear, swimwear and INTERIORS. 

For many years Kestral Lister has been their primary focus of interiors. They design, manufacture and distribute all from the famous Lister Mills in Bradford. Giving them ultimate quality control over their industry strong product.

But now it is time for something New.


The Haddow Group‘s own Olivia Haddow has taken inspiration from her passion for anthropology (with a first from Durham), along with her love of travel and translated it into six entrancing and evocative collections under the design name Olivia Bard (her birth name).

olivia haddow

But wait, as if this wasn’t enough! Olivia has also skilfully enabled designers to easily create all encompassing designs by creating collections in tiebacks and poles to coordinate with the collections. Thus creating an entire design ensemble of beauty, vivacity and elegance.

First lets look at Pied Beauty, Calm Bazaar, Curious World and Tamed Spirit.

There is just too much goodness to share ( I know, I thought I would never say those words) so I will show you my favourites. I therefore encourage you to visit after reading, to view the range in its entire wondrousness.


Where to first mmmmm? O.K. I will start you off gently and just delve a little into the natural British countryside with Pied Beauty. Here lets celebrate the wonder of individuality of the natural world. Olivia has taken nature created in watercolour with all its delicate brush strokes and vivacity of colour, and encapsulated it in a collection of wonderful prints of vines, florals and dewdrops. Along side this there are soft textured tweed fabrics for upholstery.

Floribunda & Elda 

Now lets go for a spot of shopping in the Eastern bazaar with Calm Bazaar. A bit of an oxymoron but stick with me on this. This collection is buzzing with life of the eastern market place. Whilst at the same time invoking a serenity that is truly mesmerizing. We have everything from the pattern of the souks, along with atmospheric ikats and geometric Moorish tiled designs. The clamour of pattern is reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of the bazaar is aligned with a calm pallet to create ease within the home.

Lets face it, I love a bit of paisley in my life.

1915380_1635751209926350_3764541295788268168_nCalm Bazaar Collection

Marakesh & Serai

I suggest we go tribal now with Curious World. This is so much fun with its zebras and earthy tribal patterns. The tribal people always drew on natural influences and Olivia in turn has used and enhanced this with an honest palette of texture and colour. Simple and harmonious. Enough to get any voyagers blood pumping. I love how the monsoon fabric is reminiscent of the swirling torrents of water as the rain hits down and is thrashed by the winds. The zebras are double printed to give off the look of the layering effect that the herd on the Savannah have to stop the hunter focusing on one prey.

Savannah & Monsoon 3

I need a little rest now with Tamed Spirit. Lets relax in the country side by a church, river, near flowers in the sun. relax and unwind with elegance. This collection has the best that Indian and British craftsmanship can provide. We have colour and variety of texture, with prints and weaves. Natural cotton and wonderfully coordinating trims and poles.

Kew & Milgate

Bowood & Calla

Wonderful aren’t they?

And there’s more!!! Yes, that is right, MORE.

Olivia haddow is hitting the ground running and has two more collections. This time they are enriched with the artistic world. Love Peculiar and Do Decadance. 

“Simply wonderful” I cry, jumping up and down clapping my interior hands like a demented, over fed on sugar 3 year old. I am being spoiled with this abundance of design delights.

Love Peculiar  doesn’t just give one type of art, instead it gives you an embodiment of all artistic endeavours. What I mean when I say this is that, in the world of art, the artist draws from their surroundings (mostly nature) and that is what this collection does. From the realm of ethnic landscapes and cultures from around the world. We are given traditional techniques of paisley, block printing and embroidery. While we are at it lets throw in some classic folk art. That is before we get to the wonderful colours with the choice of Berry and Fuchsia tones complemented with the more subtle muted earthy shades. A great balance of beauty, technique and colour.

Holy, Jaisalmer & Potala

I just love how you can instantly see the inspiration of the Himalayas in the Holy fabric woven chevron. Jaisalmer is wonderfully reminiscent of folk art and the Tibetan prayer lamps are obvious and striking in the Potala fabric.


Ethena & Delphina

We have Moorish influences evident in the Ethena tie back collection and the Delphina layered tie back is rich with texture and simplicity.


And finally we have a touch of class with a splash of glamour and oodles of gorgeousnesses with Do Decadence . Lets transport back to the opulent 1920’s art Deco era. With its rich textures and luxurious golds, pewter and pearl. Why the heck not I hear you say. We all need a bit of “bling” in our life. I had real trouble picking out my favourites from this collection as I love them all! Even the names in this collection scream luxury. For me this collection is the jewel in the crown of the Olivia bard design. Sit back and enjoy Do Decadence.


Alhambra Velvet


Windsor & Hampton


Portland fabric with Elle tieback and Annastasia Tieback

I applaud you in your breakthrough collections Olivia and eagerly await your future inspirational creations with bated breath. I leave you these words of truth by the great Bard himself.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”                                                                            William Shakespeare.

With love till next time. Thank you for reading


Some of the beautiful photography is by the talented Gemma Jones

Look out for  NEW Burnished Grandeur being showcased at Scottish Interiors. This wonder range inspired by French Heirlooms.


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