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Get Your “Beatwoven®

Hi all, Elsie Wolfe here.

                                                You lot should know by now that I not only have a passion for interior design but I also LOVE Fabric.

There is so much out there. Texture, colour, weave and much more. There is even a magnetic curtain of all things as well as fabric with metal threads in.

Just when I thought I had seen it all. THIS HAPPENED. A very clever woman thought of something that I believe has never been done before; something that I also believe is genius in its simplicity.

Fabric woven to the pattern created by the beat of MUSIC!

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Cool Tone Fabric 4

 Nadia-Anne Ricketts professional dancer and weaver, in 2008 discovered an arithmetic connection between the patterns that music make and the architecture of woven fabric.


My Tribe Loop

Nadia saw the potential in these patterns and using them to fuse music and pattern creation in fabric together. The fabric woven has a heartbeat of its own much like that of the music used in its creation.

In 2009 a unique piece of software was created to translate sounds and produce those images into woven cloth.



Beatwoven A69

“When travelling and living around the world I experienced how music is a universal language and at the core of every culture. When I hear music I want to react, whether it’s dancing, singing, or smiling. It can unite us, unlock special memories, take us on an emotional journey and most of all, it can motivate us to focus, create and endure. To be able to express the intangible of music, through woven textiles is super special, as it creates tactile music with an added narrative to any interior space;  A woven piano concerto wall hanging in a concert hall for instance, or an Arabic prayer upholstery on a super yacht, or your favourite house track woven and tailored into a garment “. – Nadia-Anne Ricketts, Founder.


Amor La Momoposina

 From the depths of our human history unlike any other creature on the planet we have woven cloth and made music. It resonates with us on a deep psychological level. Music and woven cloth is as unique as we are, it defines who we are.


Zig-zag and criss-cross patterns, nested curves and parallel lines are the earliest known patterns to have been created separately from the body; their similarity to entopic phenomena (involuntary products of the visual system) suggests a physiological origin. (

Music is much the same, it has its deep origins in history and our psyche .When we listen to music our brain releases dopamine (a pleasure drug). makes a comment “when you listen to Bach, what colour do you see?” Colour, music and fabric elicit an emotional response in us so why not combine all three into one pure form?


The Oldest Known Melody c.1400BC! See and hear on Youtube

BeatWoven® have developed bespoke software through collaborative projects in London using developers who have expertise with music and coding.  The latest partnership was with The Centre of Digital Music, and The Legal Research Faculty, Queen Mary University.


Designs are created in the BeatWoven® studio on the edge of London.


Each piece of fabric goes through a journey. A piece of music is selected, a story is told. This creates the digital pattern that is then translated into a woven pattern. The human element is then added back in. The Human Artist decides the scale of the pattern, colour combinations, yarn size and structure. Often a trip back into history is entered into to decide all of this. For example if a piece of Handel music was chosen, the time the composer lived in is looked at to determine the colours and textures. This way the essence of the original piece of music is retained.



Clients can even commission a piece of fabric using their favourite song!!



All Production is based in the UK at one of the last remaining English Silk Weaving Mills, using exclusively sourced materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship. Although innovative, the value of maintaining British heritage and tradition of woven expertise is particularly important to BeatWoven®. (

Everything is finished by hand.

decorex-2015-news-london-design-festival-2015-c beatwoven

Image taken from Decorex


I hope you have enjoyed looking at Beatwoven®. It is a marvellous concept and beautiful design.   The colour, texture and emotion imbedded into this product is nothing short of astounding. Genius!

Go to to see and hear more?

Thanks for reading,


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